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Cotton was pretty seedy in the 1700s.

Morning at the National Museum of American History

Westbrook Third Graders explored the National Museum of American History Wednesday delighting in Eli Whitney’s cotton gin, Michelle Obama’s inaugural gown and lots in between. Here are some highlights:

While the students were at recess on Halloween, fourth grade teachers morphed into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Mystery of the Westbrook Mutants…

What happened in between? Help us make up the Westbrook Halloween mystery. Leave a comment.

"Our wonderful courtyard lunch...FUN."  - Principal Lane.

Some things Westbrook can be thankful for…

New mobiles created with the artist in residence.

Fourth graders learned how to attach the shapes for the mobile to the wires, and then the group flame proofed all the elements.

Shapes Up – Students Begin Building the Big Mobile

Parents can still volunteer to assist students and artist-in-residence Kevin Reese with building an original mobile. Go to before you miss the fun! Third graders with purple sandpaper and fast hands said they formed a “sanding chorus” yesterday. Fourth graders learned how to wire the shapes for the mobile. Fourth graders flame-proofed the elements. […]

Teachers An Nguyen and Jennifer Thai organized a festive walking day with PTA volunteers Kathleen McDermott and Lee Anne Graeub and others.

Westbrook Walks on Wednesdays

Yesterday an especially large parade of students biked, scootered and walked to Westbrook to celebrate National Walk and Bike to School Day. At least one balloon escaped into the sky, much to the walkers’ delight. Students had the chance to walk a distance again just hours after lineup. Be sure to ask your child how […]

Looking for new ideas for Halloween? Try banana ghosts with chocolate chip eyes or clementine pumpkins with celery or snow pea  stems.

--Risa Elias, Chair, PTA Health and Wellness Committee

Banana Ghosts? Clementine Pumpkins?

Baby trees planted on Westbrook's front lawn last month are still a bit fragile.

Be Kind to Baby Trees

Please remind your students to be careful of Westbrook’s new baby trees. Also today EcoDefenders will be carrying sticks with leaves or berries to school. They will learn how trees are important and the secrets of their bark. Look around our campus and neighborhood, and don’t forget this Wednesday is National Walk and Bike to […]


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