Last Tuesday our school-wide Artist in Residence, Kevin Reese of School Sculptures, came to Westbrook’s newly lightened “dining room” to give students a taste of mobile-making they will do in October. He introduced the concepts of ‘abstract art’ and ‘kinetic sculpture.’  Kevin performed an assembly for all grades, presenting his play “Finding the Perfect Balance.” […]

Back on the field for the back to school picnic. A few more dots of color, and we'd have a Seurat - or something like that. 
Photo from Jamie B.
First day of school, 2013

My how we’ve grown! Here’s how Westbrook looked on Day 1 of the year 2013-14. Thanks to all who got us to and through this day plus Baratz, Marlin, Rice and Wade families for sharing photos.

Westbrook's Class of 2013 emerges from the traditional bridge of years.

Fifth graders enjoyed finishing elementary school. With a mixture of excitement and disbelief, Westbrook’s Class of 2013 emerged from the bridge of years.

Cast 2 gathers for the dramatic bedroom scene.

Congrats to Fifth Graders in Cast 1, Mrs. McNeil, parents and teachers for this funny rendition of the Princess and the Pea.  Cast 2 performs tomorrow at 7 at BCC HS. More pictures to come.

Alden Phelps works with Mrs. Mitchell’s third grade class on the importance of using descriptive words for songwriting.

I had heard rave reviews about  songwriter Alden Phelps’ residency in 3rd grade last year so was thrilled to learn that my son, Henry, would be able to work with him this year for another 3rd grade residency.   Alden has an uncanny ability to adapt his songwriting techniques to tie in with the curriculum for […]


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